1. To install MetaMask, on your Chrome browser (Same procedure for EDGE and FireFox), go to the website as shown below.


2. Proceed and click on ‘Download’, then click on ‘Install MetaMask for Chrome’ and then ‘Add to Chrome’.


3. Click on ‘Get Started then You will be presented with two options: ‘Import Wallet’ or ‘Create a Wallet’. If you don’t have a MetaMask wallet, proceed to create one. For the purposes of this guide, we will create a new wallet.


4. Click on ‘Create a Wallet,’ note down the wallet recovery phrase and store it in a secure place. You will need your recovery phrase in case you lose access to your device and need to restore access to your funds.


5. Setup is done. Now, we are restarting MetaMask.

Click "EXTENSION" then Click "Show in Toolbar" then you can see MetaMask on your toolbar.


6. Click MetaMask Icon then Click three dots and select "Expend View" then you can see MetaMask in full screen.


7. You will be asked to enter technical information about the network that you want to add. For Binance Smart Chain, fill out the information given below:

For Mainnet

​​Network Name: Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Once you’ve copied and pasted all the information onto your MM wallet, you can go ahead and click on “Save”.


8. You have added BSC NETWORK on your MetaMask Wallet.


9. Now, we will import Custome Token

You can click "Import Token" and you will get following screen.


10. You can add following information to import ATST Token


11. Now, you can see ATST Token in list.


12. Now, we need to transfer BnB from your Binance account to MetaMask.

You also can easily top-up BnB into your MetaMask wallet with our assistance.

Please email us or use live chatting to top-up your BnB.

First, locate "Withdraw Crypto" in Binance Exchange then select "BnB coin"

You should copy your Deposit address from MetaMask Wallet

Then you can paste this copied address into Adress in withdraw Crypto screen.

Network should be chosen as BSC (Binance Smart Chain BEP20)

Input the amount you want to transfer then provide any necessary information to get it done.

After transfer process finished, you can see your BnB balance in your MetaMask wallet.

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